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Youth Program Facilitator Position Available




Position: Youth Program Facilitator

Job Type: Full time 40 hours per week


Job Description:

UP’s UP2Youth program facilitator is responsible for delivering the program to youth in the community, which includes providing tutoring assistance to youth working together with the program coordinator and outreach specialist to ensure the successful operation of the program.


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Create day-to-day lesson plans and activities that are relevant and interesting to youth.
  • Supervise youth aged 11-17 in academic, social, and creative activities.
  • Maintain records of participant attendance, assessments, etc.
  • Document participant progress.
  • Communicate with team regarding participant progress.
  • Quantify student data such a grades, demographics, etc.
  • Recruit youth and families to enforce parent engagement.
  • Develop student files to document academic progress and personal growth.
  • Arrange workshops for youth development.
  • Arrange workshops for parent engagement.
  • Provide mentoring and guidance to youth.
  • Other assignments as required.



Job Requirements: Bilingual Spanish/English is mandatory. Proficient in Microsoft Word, and Excel. Experience working with youth. Be patient, good listener, responsible, and culturally sensitive. Excellent organizational and communication skills.



Job Accountability:         Reports to Youth Program Coordinator

Salary:                                  Commensurable with experience.



Send resume and cover letter to:


Abraham Celio

 Universidad Popular

773 733 5055

2801 S. Hamlin Avenue

Chicago, Illinois 60623-4554


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