Chicagoland Opportunity Fair and Forum

UP invites our young adults to learn more about this interesting opportunity this week. Leading companies are partnering with youth-serving nonprofit organizations, innovators, and foundations to create clear pathways to help connect the 5.6 million young Americans who are not working or in school to meaningful employment. This Initiative creates opportunities for young people to build skills, gain credentials, and reclaim the American Dream. Their goal is to create the nation’s largest employer-led private sector coalition focused on helping young people build skills and attain credentials, while connecting them to employment.

All day long there will be performances, workshops, training sessions, and a chance to meet over 50 different employers and apprentice opportunities.

Young people who want to participate need to register at this link.
**** THE PASSWORD IS: 100k *****

If you are interested in volunteering you can sign up here.
**** PW = 100k *****

Fair Flyer

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